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All band members composite

(the original members)

Joel Edwards bass     Joel Edwards (bass)

"Resolution is only a half-step away."

Musically, the smartest guy in the band, Joel is not only an accomplished bass player, but a brilliant guitarist as well. He knows more theory than most composers and plays with award winning Misha Stefanuk (piano) in an avant garde progressive jazz trio called "Moosenose".

Joel is also known as 'da bitch' who poured a pitcher of water on guitarist Danny Hamelin onstage for playing the wrong chords.

CURRENTLY: plays with Atlanta legend Barry Richman, John McKnight, Lefty Williams, Andrew Black, Sean O'Rourke, Tom Grose, and more.

Sheroan     Steve "The Bone" Sheroan - guitar

"Never start a solo on the tonic"
"I'll just drink 20 beers and 20 coffees and let them fight in my body."

"Steve is one of the best guitarists I've ever seen in my life" (Cheatham). There is no doubting he is a shredder. He can play classical pieces on nylon string, Steve Vai tracks on electric, Chet Atkins right-hand country stuff, odd meter and modal stuff. Steve still plays with AC whenever a 4-piece and is most known for writing the music to "The Way It Goes" (Album Cover).

CURRENTLY: plays with Shareen and the Kings, The Anythings, Steve Sheroan Band, Lonesome Road and Engine.

Jay Lessert Drums     Jay Lessert - drums

"Take a right at the next light."
"Criss, are you sure you wanna teach us this song 5 minutes before we go on?"
"Hey, those chicks requested 'Papa was a Rolling Stone'. Just letting you know."

Jay has always been a super dependable guy and awesome drummer. He still does shows with the band when needed and just graduated from Belmont University in 2009. He keeps better time than a click and has great hands and feel.

Jsy is also an avid golfer, on the semi-professional tour in the spring and summer, playing in tournaments throughout the country.

As you probably guessed, Jay sings on "Papa Was a Rolling Stone".

CURRENTLY: plays drums with Hilljack and still subs with AC from time to time.


(the rest of the guys...)

Shea Gold     Shea Gold - drums ("They call him Shea Titanium, but his real name's...")

"Sorry, guys."
"Hey, what do you think about this click track amplifier?"
"You know what, Cheatham, at any given moment I know your van is leaking."

What can you NOT say about Shea Gold? One of the coolest cats on the planet, one of the best and worst drummers in the world all at the same time. No one can text his girlfriend in the middle of a drum solo (which is supposed to be the chorus) at the same time better than Shea Gold! "One of my favorite people in the world!" (Cheatham)

CURRENTLY:  nationally touring with the cover band "A.D.D."

William Scruggs     William "I Don't Want No" Scruggs;  a.k.a. "PPG";  a.k.a "Hot Tub Willie" - bass

"Hey, Criss, uh, I think something's wrong with my bass rig."
"Hey, man, why were all those songs not on the dots tonight?"

Scruggs has done more AC shows than anyone to date. He's as friendly as a teddy bear. He started subbing for the band when Joel moved to Atlanta to work for IQ Television and stayed in the group for 6 years. Older than all the other guys (combined), he retired from AC saying it was too rough on his body.

You'll never meet another guy like Scruggs; he is one in a million. Criss first met him playing overseas in 1995 and the two have been friends ever since.

Referring to his quote above, William did an entire 3-hour concert one night without tuning down (AC is in Eb). He played completely by ear, playing every song up a half step to compensate without even realizing it! When the show was over, he asked why all the songs were in different keys (which they weren't). The guy didn't miss a single note! Uncanny weird...

Currently playing with Al Ward and recently played w/the late Doc Blakey and Johnny Jones.

Billy Hendrickson     Billy Hendrickson; a.k.a. "Hillbilly 25" - guitar (WITH AUDIO CLIP!)

"Shea made me do it, man, I told him that was a bad idea."
"I'm the guitarist and yes I've been in the van the whole time, who are you?"

Billy got picked up in Lexington, KY when playing in a house band at the Cadillac Ranch. Never having any musical lessons, Billy plays strictly be feel.

He's also a big redneck, but an awesome person. AC loves Billy, who is probably one of the sweetest guys in the business. He is most known for his melodic solos,such as the one on "Called To Say Goodbye" (below).

JR Horn     JR Horn - guitar

"You're kidding me, we had a gig last Friday?"

JR is extremely talented, he also kinda blows freely like a leaf in the wind. He is an amazing lead singer and guitar player. He first decided to hone his craft after seeing Steve Sheroan with AC live at Wall Street in Murfreesboro, TN.

CURRENTLY: performs with Flipside Runner from Knoxville, TN.

Matt Stevens     Matthew Stevens - drums

"My first AC rehearsal was playing Spring Break in Florida after meeting the band that morning."
"I will never keep a hi-hat count during an intro again, Criss politely told me he knows what the tempo is...
"Hey, who's that guy in the back? He's been in the van the whole time?"

Matthew Stevens was given a CD and thrown into the fire pretty quick, but learned the stuff well and played with AC for a little over a year. He still sits in from time to time, whenever Corey will let him play his drums. After road managing Vince Neil and many other national acts, Matt has started his own Artist Management Company and currently manages August Christopher.

Ian Walczek     Ian Walczek - guitar

"Hey, guys, look at that poster of Criss when he was younger."

Ian played with AC during the summer of 2009, when the band was trying to determine if it would remain a 4-piece or become a 3-piece. Ian added incredible tone and color to the musical palette of AC and also really encouraged the band to pursue it's goals.

Whether he knows it or not, he played a very instrumental part in what is the band today.

Todd Rubenstein     Todd Rubenstein - producer

"Why did you put this #$%#$ picture of me up from the 80's?"

Because you told us we could choose any of the pics from your myspace page.

Todd Rubenstein, Pres. of Naked Cowboy Enterprises and TMR Records, is a genius. He is the only guy who has successfully been able to hang with AC and not slow the band down. He knows engineering, he knows music and is also an award-winning guitar player.

TMR is responsible for all "String Quartet Tributes" you find online and in record stores.