Check these audio clips from the talk radio show hosted by AC's Criss Cheatham:

** - selected by fans as the best segments...
**** - selected as awesomely crazy best segments...

Season Two:

EPISODE 11 (10-20-09): "Call da White House"
* Opening: Corey Sux, High and Driving, Lotto Ticket
* Ebonic Tracy
* Calling the White House: Part 1
Sports for the Unknowledgeable, Part 2: NBA vs MLB
* Interview Turns Ugly: Flat Stanley
Steve Price Tries To Take Over the Show
** Outro: Things Criss Does To Get Famous/W House Part 2

EPISODE 10 (10-13-09): "Blah, blah..."
Intro: Interview w/Blackberry Smoke
**** Ad: Be A Good Dad
Interview: 99mph
** Jerry Ad: Chicken-Fil-A
Interview: Good Speed
** Outro: Crystal Tries To Take Over The Show

EPISODE 9 (10-6-09): "Cookie Monster..."
Opening: Anvil, myspace, the new record
Music Tidbits for All: Remo Twirls
Story from the Road (from the road?)
Interview: Never Been Caught

EPISODE 8 (9-29-09): "The Naked Cowboy"
Email: Stephanie in Nashville
** Interview: The Naked Cowboy in Times Square, NY
This Week's Challenge For You: Van Halen (MJ calls)
Interview: Hidden Element

EPISODE 7 (9-22-09): "Kanye West?"
** Interview: Kanye West Apologizies 2 Taylor Swifff
"Things Criss Does To Get Famous" - AC in da Studio
** Interview: Lil Wyte (surprise...)

EPISODE 6 (9-15-09): "Flat Stanley"
Sports...Unknowledgeable and This Week's Challenge
** Jerry Joke
** Lacey in Evansville, IN

EPISODES 4 and 5
(due to crappy audio, we were not able to upload these shows)

EPISODE 3 (8-25-09): "Leif Hasn't Left Yet..."
** This Week's Challenge for You: KISS (Leif Garrett calls)

EPISODE 2 (8-18-09): "Interview Myself???"
Sports for the Unknowledeable: "Brett Favre"
** Interview with Criss Cheatham of "August Christopher"

EPISODE 1 (8-11-09): "Michael Jackson"
Opening segment: "I'm Back!"
** Phone Call: Angry "Paco"
** Interview: Michael Jackson

Season One (1/09-5/09):

EPISODE 14 (5-01-09): "Keytar Dual"
Opening segment (Metallica)
** Interview: Josh (Keytar?) Folkerson - David Bryant calls

EPISODE 13 (4-24-09): "Supaheat (finally)"
**** Phone Call: David Bryant from Bon Jovi
Drum Lesson
Interview: Supaheat!
Gonna Call Crystal (Criss' wife)

EPISODE 12 (4-16-09): "Top 5 Drummers"
** Phone Call: Mandy from AL (NO BON JOVI!)
"Music Tidbits" - Criss' 5 Favorite Drummers
** Phone Call: Mandy from AL calls AGAIN!
Interview: Peyton Turner from Rock of Love II

** - selected by fans as the best segments...

SEASON ONE (cont.):
EPISODE 11 (4-9-09): "Born To Be My Baby"
** Opening segment (Criss Sings Bon Jovi/Supa Heat)
Sports for the Unknowledgeable (NBA, Tiger Woods)
Phone Call from Anna Upset; "Who is SUPAHEAT?"
** This Week's Challenge for You (Leif Gerrett calls Drunk)
Gonna Call Jerry (he's on vacation)

EPISODE 10 (4-2-09): "Calling McDonalds"
Sports for the Unknowledgeable - Part 1
Sports for the Unknowledgeable - Part 2 (angry caller)
Phone Call: Biscuit Gives a Shout Out
Phone Call to McDonalds to support angry caller

EPISODE 9 (3-27-09): "A Drunk Leif Garrett"
** Opening segment (The Hulk)
** Criss' Honeymoon/Things Criss...Famous
**** Interview w/Hulk; LEIF GARRETT contest winner!

EPISODE 8 (3-06-09): "Sabotage"
** Music Tidbits (Cream)/Challenge/Contest/Earl (part III)
Things Criss Does To Try To Get Famous - Goes Country
** Interview: Leif Garrett
** Gonna Call Jerry (the best one yet!!!)

EPISODE 7 (2-27-09): "Alienation"
** Opening segment (Billy Joel)
Remo Cheatham Sings
Stories From The Road (Steve Sheroan and Jay Lessert)
** Phone Call to the Cops: "Driving in the wrong lane!"
Angry Caller - Jim

EPISODE 6 (2-20-09): "I Sound Like a Bird"
Phone Calls; "What Does A Falcon Sound Like?"
Things Criss Does To Try To Get Famous - Panama City Beach
** Phone Calls; Earl (part II)
William Roberts (of Roberts Motors) Tribute
"Music Tidbits for All" (Seattle Grunge Scene)
** Gonna Call Jerry (Jerry gets upset)

EPISODE 5 (2-13-09): "Is Anybody Out There?"
** Phone Call to Taco Bell (requesting catered lunch)
Interview: Doug Mathis ("King Jingler")
Depressed Outro

EPISODE 4 (2-06-09): "I'm Gonna Get Fired"
Opening Segment - Chad Kroeger/Elton John
** Dirk Malibu Interview - PBA Champion
Phone Calls and Emails...
** Gonna Call Jeff Morgan (97X Program Director)

EPISODE 3 (1-22-09): "Now With a Producer!"
** Phone call to Wal-mart: "U Got Wii?"
Gonna Call Jerry

EPISODE 2 (1-15-09): "Horrible Show!"
** Drinking and Driving; Phone Call to the Cops
** Sports for the Unknowledgeable - Virginia Calls Upset
Shawn's song "Freedom"; Closing Segment

EPISODE 1 (1-8-09): "Welcome - DEBUT"
Opening Segment
Should I Put My Dog Down?; "Baby Girl Fund"
Every Vote (does not) Counts
** Vince Young; Phone Call to the Cops
This Week's Challenge For You (McDonald's)
Gonna call Jerry (Criss' dad - at 2am)

** - selected by fans as the best segments...